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The Rainbow, Seattle Feb. 16, 2002

Port Townsend May 2000

Vashon-Maury Ticket Jan. 2000

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 Pause Record- CDs of the Week, Treehuggers


Excerpt from: Happy Birthday www.seattlelivemusic.net!
Review of Happy Savage and Hot Pony
The Rainbow ­ Seattle 02/16/02A
Michael Trevors

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Happy Savage has the ability to weave a complex tapestry of melodic sounds while still keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground.  Their style of funked up blues and jam-oriented reggae has undertones of The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band and Little Feat with a certain spacey, psychedelia that they can call their own.  In the typical jamband fashion, they will journey out during the middle sections of songs, for 10 to 15 minutes, taking you places you've never been before, and then gently set you back down on the ground, only to do it all over again.

With the incredibly wide ranging lead vocals of Beth Collins, soulful lead guitar work of frontman Luke Painter, awesome percussion from Martino Goldstein, drumming from Mark Drake, Larry Penoza putting down the under currents on the Bass, and Bruce Johnston laying down keys and guitar work, Happy Savage plays and sings mostly original compositions, with a here and there smattering of cover tunes.  Their songs echo the feelings we all share with regard to love, life and nature, in ways that are beautiful yet real, and simultaneously have a pro-activist aura about them. 

If you haven't seen Happy Savage yet, make a point to do so.  They will assure you a great evening of very danceable, groove inducing, and spirit moving music that will cause you to yearn for more. 

The CD Treehugger is available online at http://www.happysavage.com/music.html
You can also find mp3's to download, as well as band bio's and tour dates.

There is a reason Happy Savage is the www.seattlelivemusic.net hot band of the month.
To put it quite simply, they're really good.

Pause Record (www.pauserecord.com)
CDs of the Week
, September 5, 2000
-By da Flower Punk

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Sometimes low-budget discs from local bands are more enjoyable than high-budget major label productions because of the raw energy, sheer, unadulterated talent, and goddamn-it-we-mean-it vibe that comes shining through on them. Seattle's Happy Savage has made such a disc. In concert, Happy Savage stretches out into credible and enjoyable 20-minute jams, often on [Grateful] Dead songs like "The Other One" or "Fire On The Mountain." On this record, however, they demonstrate the strength of their songwriting, and ability to be concise, giving voice to the environmental concerns and alienation from modernity that were more often found in the Dead's audience than in their music, in fine three to five minute rock songs. The title track alone makes this a great gift for the music-loving activist in your circles. A strong disc demonstrating that folks in the Great Northwest looking for a good time would do well to check out Happy Savage.

The Town Tavern brings Happy Savage
-Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader
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Happy Savage, a dynamic five-piece band, performs at the Town Tavern at 9:30pm Friday, May 12, to promote the release of its first CD, "Treehugger." If you like the music of bands such as the Grateful Dead and Phish, chances are good that you'll like Happy Savage.

Known for its ability to get people up and dancing with its unique funk, rock and reggae grooves, the band's energy is evident on stage and on the dance floor. At a recent event, the proprietor of Bishop's on Vashon Island was quoted as saying: "I've never seen so many people dancing—and they danced all night."

Happy Savage has an element of spontaneity not commonly found in bands. The fans of Happy Savage sometimes participate in the performance. As Luke Painter, the band's guitarist puts it, "Often the lines between the stage and the dance floor are blurred. It's not unusual for me to look up and see someone I've never met joining in on percussion or sax or maybe improvised vocals."

Once, midway through one of their tunes, the bassist, Larry Penoza, broke a string. After finishing the tune, Painter announced that the band would take a short break while Penoza replaced the string. However, a few members of the audience refused to let the energy subside and kept the party going with an impromptu rhythm jam that was soon picked up by the rest of the band, including Beth Collins singing a Middle Eastern-style chant.

Happy Savage was recently chosen to perform on Seattle's Mural Amphitheater stage for the Earth Day celebration. Much of the lyrical content of Painter's material deals with respect for the Earth and its inhabitants, through songs like "Treehugger," "Acid Rain, " Chief Seattle" and a special arrangement of "Home on the Range." The band has also been selected to appear in this year's Peace Concerts in the Parks and will be contributing to a compilation recording to support those concerts.

The Town Tavern is located at 639 Water St.

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This past Sunday night, January 23, Bishop's Pub held a benefit for Chris Cuevas, who was paralyzed in a drinking and driving accident some years back. A big New York bank has been threatening to throw him out on the street, where he would surely die a violent death in no time flat.

Well, there's not much apathy (or patience for that sort of thing) here on Vashon. And there's a whole lot of reason for most folks here to celebrate, so Wayne and Carol Bishop decided to do just that. Celebrate, help enliven our droopy music scene, as well as have an auction to benefit Chris and Genni Cuevas in their fight to keep their home. Happy Savage entertained a large crowd, and man, there does seem to be a revival going on in the music scene right now. Grunge has been dead for a while, but now the pop that came along to replace it seems to be giving way to another wave of creative good times. From Santana to Tom Waits there's a tenner of great music coming out, from the veterans of rock and newcomers alike.

Alex Anderson, Bishop's bartender and singer/songwriter, one of many who play with Happy Savage, helped to organize the event. The band was paid separately. There was no cover charge. All the proceeds from the auction, over a thousand dollars, went towards the cause.

Happy Savage transformed the room into a swirl of colors and rhythms. The band had a big rich sound. Members changed as the moods of the music changed. Energetic music which was great for dancing, and everyone did dance, and dance. "I've never seen so many people dance up and down like that for so long," said Wayne Bishop, after the party. "But, I liked it, and those good, generous young people really did a lot of good for poor Chris."

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