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Happy Savage is a Seattle band playing funked-up blues, rock, reggae, and world beat dance grooves, with jams that boldly go where no jam has gone before.

Happy Savage sings about peace, love, trees, human beings, and the end of the world as we know it.

Hear Happy Savage with Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten, "Funky Treehugger"

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 Fire from the sky

Hear the song from Happy Savage,


"Treehugger", the first studio album from Happy Savage displays the bands musical versatility and the strength of their songwriting.

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Hear Luke Painter talk about Happy Savage music and songwriting in a radio interview on KAOS, with host Katie Oppenheimer:
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Tree Hugger CD cover
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Happy Savage is:
Luke Painter - guitar, vocals
Beth Collins - vocals
Bruce Johnston - keyboards
Larry Penoza - bass guitar
Mark Drake - percussion
Martin Goldstein - congas, vocals
Jennifer Anspach - vocals
Michelle Dedman - vocals, percussion

Join Happy Savage in support of the Sustainable Coffee Campaign

Help save the wild bison of the Yellowstone area!
For info, check out the Buffalo Field Campaign


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Contact information:
Luke Painter: 360-970-1164 ~1250 NW 29th #11, Corvallis, OR 97330